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LMAM, UMR 7122 of the CNRS,  Université Paul Verlaine - Metz, Bâtiment A, Ile du Saulcy, 57045 METZ, France

Office phone:
     (33) 3 87 31 54 13

Laboratory fax:   (33) 3 87 31 72 72

e-mail adress: benameur@univ-metz.fr

Current position: professor, director of the mathematics laboratory of Metz (LMAM, UMR 7122 of the CNRS).

photo by A. Adarve

My research interests are mainly in Non Commutative Geometry, Operator algebras and index theory, with a special focus on foliations. I am also interested in homologies of algebras associated with some groupoids and the residue formulae for noncommutative manifolds. I have also studied Lefschetz fixed point formulae for foliated isometries...
Here is a proceeding paper, written on the occasion of a lecture series I gave in Villa de Leyva in Colombia, with a long overview of the Atiyah-Singer index theorem for beginners: Noncommutative geometry and abstract integration theory

See Animated Foliation Samplers  (realized by Takashi Tsuboi)

Some recent papers

Pictures from past conferences

Etats de la Recherche GNC, Metz Nov. 2007 (Lecture by A. Connes)

Colombia 2003 (photo by A. Adarve)

Noncommutative Geometry workshop, Oberwolfach Sept. 2007
Noncommutative geometry summerschool, Portugal, 1997

(NEW) Noncommutative geometry, index theory and applications, Cortona, (June 11-15 2012, co-organized with F. Cipriani, G. Landi and S. Vassout 

CIMPA-UNESCO-THAILAND School (15-28 May 2011, co-organized with A. Carey and M. Marcolli)

List of collaborators:

Abdelhak Abouqateb (Marrakech),
Jacek Brodzki (Southampton),
Alan Carey (Canberra),
Alexander Gorokhovsky (Boulder),
James Heitsch (Chicago),
Mohamed Maghfoul (Kénitra),
Varghese Mathai (Adelaide),
Victor Nistor (PennState),
Hervé Oyono-Oyono (Clermont-Ferrand),
John Phillips (Victoria),
Paolo Piazza (La Sapienza, Rome 1),
Adam Rennie (Canberra),
Fyodor Sukochev (Sydney),
Krzysztof Wojciechowski (Indianapolis, nous a quitté prématurément!)


Geometry and QFT
organized by S. Paycha, S. Rosenberg, Peter Teichner and M. Varghese, MPI Bonn, June 20th-26th 2010.

The theme of the conference is the interaction between mathematics and physics, more specifically between noncommutative geometry in mathematics and statistical models and quantum field theory in physics. We will celebrate Alan Carey's 60th birthday.

EU-NCG, 28 June-2 July 2010 , Cardiff

This is the 3rd Annual Meeting  of the NCG network. I shall report on my joint work with A. Gorokhovsky about the superconnection proof of the local projective index theorem.

Topics in Noncommutative Geometry, Buenos Aires, July 26 to August 6, 2010

This is a Winter School which will cover different topics in Noncommutative Geometry, and its connections with other areas of Mathematics and Physics, such as Operator Index Theory, Strings, Representations, Operator Algebras, and K-Theory.

Colloquium GQT Amsterdam, 12 février 2010

This a one day colloquium where I was invited to give a lecture on the Cheeger-Gromov invariant for foliations. The 2 other speakers were S. Bloch and M. Crainic.

Noncommutative geometry workshop

organized by A. Connes, J. Cuntz and
M. A. Rieffel), Oberwolfach,
Sept 6-12, 2009

Every two years, the NCG network meets at Oberwolfach and all the relevent questions are discussed. The last workshop took place in sept. 2007.

Spring school on Index theory, Lie groupoids and boundary value problems

The title of my lecture series is ''Index theory for foliations''. It is adressed to students and young researches in the domain of non commutative geometry for foliations.

Abstract:We shall first outline the K-theory approach to the longitudinal index formula for foliations and explain the GRR theorem obtained using the Chern character in Haefliger cohomology. If time permits, we shall also describe a differential geometry proof of the homotopy invariance of the higher harmonic signature, recently obtained in collaboration with James Heitsch.
For family reasons, I couldn't attend this school, and the course was eventually delivered by my collaborator James Heitsch.
Programme on "Number Theory and Physics", 
Special program at the International Erwin Schroedinger Institute (ESI) in Vienna from March 2 - April 18, 2009.

Past conferences I co-organized

Mehdia/GNC I:  GNC et physique

Ecole de printemps

This is a spring school that I co-organized with friends in Morocco. It is intended to be the first of a series of schools that will promote the NCG research in some moroccan labs. The next school is already decided.

Session GNC, Nov. 2007 at Metz

With two colleagues in Metz (N. Louvet and J.-L. Tu), we organized the ''Etats de la recherche de la Société Mathématique de France'' in Metz, on the theme of noncommutative geometry. We also took this opportunity to propose a colloquium at the Hotel de Ville de Metz, delivered by Alain Connes, the title was ''Un espace non commutatif engendre son propre temps. See the dvd of the colloquium

Application géométrique de l'analyse microlocale

This is a conference that I co-organized with colleagues from other universities (E. Leichtnam from Paris 6, B. Monthubert from Toulouse, F. Pacard from Paris 12 and P. Piazza from Roma) in honor of Professeur R. Melrose (MIT), June 2008, CIRM.

Lecture series at IHP

Long list of interesting conferences

Claude Monet (Japanes bridge)